NorSeq data delivery

Data delivery from the NorSeq partnering sequencing facilities is possible through two different procedures, depending if the data is non-sensitive or sensitive in nature.

Non-sensitive data delivery from NorSeq CF to research projects

Sequencing data that is non-sensitive is offered delivered to the end-users in the NeLS/StoreBioinfo infrastructure, see an overview here.

The data delivery of a new non-sensitive sequencing project goes like this:

  • First the CF assists the research project in filling out a simple form with project details, including data ownership, funding and scientific description, who should have access, and how large a storage quota the project should apply for.
  • The CF then contacts the NBF helpdesk to have the storage quota application processed, and the NeLS/StoreBioinfo infrastructure prepared with a new project area, quota, users with different types of access.
  • When notified by the NBF helpdesk, the CF will upload the new sequencing data to the right project area location.
  • The NBF helpdesk synchronise the newly uploaded data from the NeLS storage area to the StoreBioinfo layer for safe long term storage.
  • The NBF helpdesk assists all project member to get started with their login user in NeLS, and how to get started working on their data.

Of course, data delivery to an existing project is also possible, then referring to the existing project identifier that the CF and NBF helpdesk has assigned your project in NeLS is the key.

Sensitive data delivery from NorSeq CF to research projects

Data delivery of sensitive sequencing data, typically human genetic data, is provided through the TSD services provided by USIT and Sigma2. A more detailed description will be available here soon, but the overall basic steps are:

  • The research project requests to get a TSD project created for the sensitive data, guided by CF and NBF helpdesk.
  • A StoreBioinfo quota is applied for through a simple form as for non-sensitive data, including the TSD project ID of the new USER TSD project.
  • A temporary shared data disk between a CF managed TSD project and the new USER TSD is organised by the NBF and TSD helpdesks.
  • The CF uploads the new sensitive sequencing data to the shared disk areas, and performs any agreed standard analysis on the data.
  • The data is released from the CF TSD project and only available to the USER TSD project further on.
  • Both NBF helpdesk and CF staff can upon agreement be invited to the USER TSD project by the project administrator for further data analysis assistance or similar. 

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