Data Management in NeLS

 Data Management in NeLS


Main benefits:

  • Maintain all the data from start to end within a single data infrastructure.

  • Share your data safely with any national or international collaborators.

  • Benefit from national storage capacity, currently free of charge.

  • Your data is properly protected against data loss or accidental deletions.

  • Easily copy the needed subset of your data to compute services and return new results to your project area.

  • Assign key personnel access rights to maintain the data properly, while others only get the needed access to read/use data to generate new results in your project collaboration.

  • Storage is tightly integrated with the Norwegian Bioinformatics Platform/ compute services and helpdesk – provides assistance in analysing your data and/or training in using the infrastructure.

  • You need not invest money/time in your own server for storage (or compute)!

NeLS Architecture 

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Key concepts:

  • You use your Norwegian university login to access the infrastructure, if you don't have such a login we provide you with a new NeLS identity to login.

  • The storage infrastructure has two layers:

    • Structured storage of all project data

      • High volume capacity – long term

      • Data properly annotated with type and processing level.

      • Only people with role Data Manager can access this layer of a project.

      • Backup protected

    • Flexible middle layer of work data

      • All members of a project access this layer, with different privileges

      • Medium volume capacity – short term

      • Redundancy in hardware – but not backup protected


  • Project data management operation

    • All members of a project collaborate on an active set of data in the work area (hot data), and any new results worth preserving are copied to the structured storage by the Data Managers of the project.

    • As data in the work area becomes inactive with respect to usage (cold data), these working copies need to be removed, after ensuring that an original copy of the data exists in the structured storage. Data Managers plays a key role in this respect.

    • If a new working copy is needed for any of the project data, that can simply be transferred from the structured storage by the Data Managers of the project.

Learn more:

 We have prepared a set of video tutorials that covers many aspects of the NeLS Galaxy, NeLS storage and StoreBioinfo portals/ecosystem here.

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