The Norwegian Bioinformatics platform (NBP) facilitates sustainable storage to the Norwegian life sciences community in collaboration with Sigma2, through the national storage infrastructure provided by them (NorStore/NIRD projects).

Storage services are intended for scientific research projects with relatively large sets of data (minimum 1TB) that need long term storage. For administration of long term storage in a national resource, a certain level of detail is needed with respect to documentation of each dataset. In particular with respect to life-span and relevance for scientific results, be it in ongoing exploration or in published work.

The storage quota provided by us upon application will be made available in the NeLS/StoreBioinfo infrastructure for non-sensitive data and in TSD for sensitive data.

Data delivery from a Core Facility

NBP collaborates with sequencing core facilities to streamline the process of:

  • a research project apply for a storage quota and if needed, a project area in the relevant infrastructure (NeLS/Storebioinfo vs TSD)
  • CF uploads new generated data into the appropriate project area using the allocated quota
  • NBF assists in infrastructure/data management and optionally data analysis
  • research projects starts working on their data when it's available

Read more on how this is organized for the NorSeq Core Facilities (previously known as Norwegian Sequencing Center (NSC), Norwegian Genomics Consortium (NGC) and NCS-PM).

We may extend this type of service to other technology platforms in the future, and will try to assist you for an smooth start using the national infrastructures supported by NBF, see instructions below.


General procedure (not involving a partner Core Facility listed above)

Please send an inquiry to if you would like to request for storage of your scientific project.

Please include the following information in your request:

  • Title of your scientific project
  • Scientific aim and summary description
  • Name and contact info on Principal Investigator (PI responsible for funding and ownership of data)
  • Reference to NFR application, REK application, other funding application if applicable
  • Are data in your project considered sensitive, such as human DNA sequencing data? If yes, and you have already created a TSD project, please specify TSD project code the storage capacity should be assigned to.
  • How much data you have generated already in the project
  • How much data you estimate to generate within the next 12 months
  • For the totals on data above, please include:
    • an estimate over different types of data (NGS sequencing data, microarray data, proteomics data etc),
    • within each data type, how much raw data vs processed data there are/likely will be


Additonal information


The bioinformatics platform provides research-based services and training to functional genomics users in Norway.


Service requests and other questions should be sent to:

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