Norwegian Sequencing Centre announces a course in basic HTS applications and bioinformatics, and a one-day seminar

Norwegian Sequencing Centre announces a course in basic HTS applications and bioinformatics, and a one-day seminar

The Norwegian Sequencing Centre is organizing two events at the end of October:

  1. A course in basic applications and bioinformatics analysis of High Throughput Sequencing data Oct 25-27.
    The course has two independent components:
  • an introduction to High Throughput Sequencing (afternoon of Tuesday the 25th)
  • two days of application specific sessions (Wednesday the 26th and Thursday the 27th). Each application specific session will last for two days and applicants must thus pick which one they wish to follow:
    • variant calling (SNPs, indels and structural variation)
    • de novo genome assembly
REGISTRATION DEADLINE is October 3rd. For more information on the course, and for applying to participate, visit
    1. A one-day seminar titled “High-throughput Sequencing – Applications and Analyses”
      Time and place:
      Oct 28, 2011 10:00 AM - 03:45 PM, Auditorium 1, Helga Engs hus, Blindern Campus, University of Oslo
      *No pre-registration required*

     10.00 – 10.10  Welcome and opening remarks by Dag Undlien, Oslo University Hospital, Institute of Medical Genetics Ullevål

    10.10 – 11.00  “I have half my mother’s genes yet am 98% identical to a chimpanzee” by Prof. Ken Dewar, McGill University

    11.00 – 11.50  “Cichlidomics: uncovering the molecular basis of diversification in East African cichlid fishes” by Dr. Walter Salzburger, Zoological Institute, University of Basel, Switzerland

    11.50 – 12.00  Discussion

    12.00 – 13.00  Lunch

    13.00 – 13.50  “Pathogenic alleles, clan genomics and the complex genetic architecture of human disease” by Prof. James R. Lupski, Department of Molecular and Human Genetics, Baylor College of Medicine

    13.50 – 14.40  Title to be announced, by Prof. Steve Searle, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute

    14.40 – 15.30  “Single Molecule, Real-Time Sequencing on the PacBio™ RS platform: Technology and Applications” by Dr. Deepak Singh, Pacific Biosciences Europe

    15.30 – 15.45  Discussion and closing remarks by Nils Chr. Stenseth and Kjetill S. Jakobsen, Centre for Ecological & Evolutionary Synthesis, University of Oslo

    For more information, visit

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