Intensive course in High Throughput Sequencing technologies and bioinformatics analysis

The Oslo node of the ELIXIR Norway Bioinformatics Platform (Bioinformatics Core Facility), the Oslo node of the Norwegian Genomics Consortium (Genomics Core Facility) and the Norwegian Sequencing Centre are happy to invite you to an introductory hands-on course on analysis of next-generation sequencing data using bioinformatics tools.

Registration deadline: Aug 13 or alternatively Aug 15 for PhD and master students (see below).

Time and place: Sept 3 and Sept 16 - Sept 27, 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM, each day.


The High Throughput Sequencing technologies and bioinformatics analysis course consists of two weeks of lectures and practicals plus reading materials. Two weeks before the main course, on Sep 3, an optional but highly recommended UNIX pre-course will be given. UNIX knowledge is essential for participation in the main course.

The course is free of charge, and registration is required (15 participants in total). No accommodation or meals provided.



All participants should have a basic understanding of molecular biology, at least roughly corresponding to 5-10 university study points in molecular biology, biochemistry, or similar. If you are uncertain if your biology background is strong enough, please contact the course coordinators (see contact details below) before signing up for the course.


No prior background in bioinformatics or computer science is required, however, we expect students to have a basic understanding of the UNIX shell. Participants without this knowledge need to take the introductory UNIX course on Tuesday September 3rd - details will be provided upon registration. 


The following topics will be covered:

- Introduction to various next-generation sequencing platforms and data formats;

-Quality and quantity control of sequencing data;

- de novo genome assembly of DNA-seq reads;

- Analysis of data from small RNA and mRNA sequencing projects;

- Variant calling and annotation of SNPs;

- Basic use of Galaxy and the Genomic Hyperbrowser tools.


Instruction and hands-on exercises are planned from 9:00 to 17:00 every day. Participants are expected to attend the complete course. A detailed schedule will be provided later, in a follow-up e-mail addressed to all confirmed participants.


Teaching will take place in a computer lab with preinstalled computers. It is not necessary to bring a computer.



Please apply for the course by registering before 12th of August.
The registration form is available here.


To keep the course as interactive as possible, we are limiting the number of participants. Therefore we ask that each institution/group only apply for one person.


More information about the course:

Click here to find the wiki page for the course.



To master/PhD students:

Please note that this course is also available as a university course at both master (INF-BIO5120) and PhD level (INF-BIO9120), in either case for 5 study points. Contact your study administration if you have more questions about how to register for the university course.


Please register to one of the following courses:

PhD course (5 study points) INF-BIO 9120.

Master level course (5 study points) INF-BIO5120.


NOTE that the deadline for registering to the course at UiO is August 15.


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