ELIXIR.NO initiated the BMS-NO project in order to strengthen the collaboration within bioinformatics between Norwegian research infrastructures in the area of molecular life science and in particular ESFRI projects within biology and medicine (BMS).

With economical and practical support from the Research Council of Norway, we organized the first BMS-NO meeting at Gardermoen September 5th 2012. The meeting had 27 participants from a number of Norwegian ESFRI initiatives within the BMS area as well as technology platforms and generic e-infrastructure providers.

It was agreed that there is a need for a series of BMS-NO meetings, on the order of one per year. Common challenges include secure handling of sensitive data, ensuring reproducibility, providing long-term solutions for data storage. It was also agreed that the initiative has the potential to improve the visibility of Norwegian BMS infrastructures both nationally and internationally. ELIXIR.NO aims to organize a second BMS-NO meeting in the autumn of 2013.

The bioinformatics platform provides research-based services and training to functional genomics users in Norway.


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ELIXIR.NO is a project supported by the Research Council of Norway aimed to build a Norwegian Bioinformatics research infrastructure and to establish a Norwegian ELIXIR Node.

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