Bioinformatics for Young Scientists (BFYS)

Bioinformatics for Young Scientists 2011

Bioinformatics for Young Scientists (BFYS) is a national conference for, PhD- and master students working with bioinformatics and computational biology in Norway. The conference is held bianually by the partner institutions in the FUGE platform. In 2011, BFYS will be arranged by the University of Bergen.




BFYS will be held in Ullensvang, Hardanger from March 16th to March 18th. The conference fee is only 500 NOK (as it has been the last years) to allow as many young researchers as possible to participate. In addition to this, each participant must cover travel to and from Bergen. We will arrange the travel between Bergen and the hotel.


First and foremost, the BFYS conference is a forum where young bioinformaticians can meet to share and discuss their research. All participants are expected to give a short oral presentation of their project or bring a poster. The conference will give young researchers a unique chance to orient themselves in the fields of bioinformatics and computational biology in Norway. We also invite young researchers from neighbouring fields of research, such as statistics, biology and informatics, who want to learn more about bioinformatics and the research opportunities within this field. This is important to strengthen the interactions and promote collaboration across different fields of research.


In addition to presenting the current state of research within bioinformatics and computational biology, the meeting is a good opportunity to build networks and get to know the opportunities available in Norway.  

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