Online tools

  • BOMP - Prediction of beta-barrel outer-membrane proteins
  • Genetools - Collection of web-based tools particularly useful for genome-wide analyses
  • Genomic HyperBrowser - a generic web-based system, providing statistical methodology and computing power to handle a variety of biological inquires on genomic datasets.
  • iRefWeb: - Interactive analysis of consolidated protein interaction data and their supporting evidence from iRefIndex.
  • iRefIndex: - Download consolidated protein interaction data and their supporting evidence. Cytoscape plugin available too (iRefScape)
  • Ka/Ks - Calculation of ratio of nonsynonymous (Ka) to synonymous (Ks) nucleotide substitution rates
  • LIPO - Prediction of lipo-boxes in Gram-negative bacterial protein sequences
  • mBlosum - a server for deriving mutation targets and position-specific substitution rates.
  • ParAlign - Sensitive BLAST-like tool for similarity searches tool in sequence databases
  • Pratt - Pattern discovery in sets of unaligned protein sequences
  • - Computations on DNA melting
  • TMM@ - Tool for studying the mobility of transmembrane alpha-helices in proteins
  • WEBnm@ - Computation and analysis of low-frequency normal modes for proteins


  • Salmobase - An integrated molecular resource for salmonid species. 
  • CEES Genome Browsers - Genomic resources for organisms sequenced and assembled at the Centre for Ecological and Evolutionary Synthesis (CEES), University of Oslo
  • ELM - Prediction of functional linear motifs in eukaryotic proteins
  • repairGenes - Database on genes involved in DNA repair
  • TAED - The Adaptive Evolution Database


  • J-Express - Application for processing, analysis and visualization of microarray data
  • Phyrex - Program for reconstruction of continuous character trait values at nodes of phylogenetic trees
  • SciCraft - Application for software and method integration
  • Compomics-utilities - Java library encompassing shared code of various proteomics research projects
  • JSparklines - Sparklines for Java tables
  • SearchGUI - Graphical user interface for proteomics identification search engines

Web services



The bioinformatics applications listed here are made available by the partners of the FUGE bioinformatics technology platform.

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