About the Norwegian Bioinformatics Platform

The Norwegian Bioinformatics Platform is a joint project between five partner organisations: the University of Bergen, the University of Oslo, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim, the University of Tromsø and the Norwegian University of Life Sciences at Ås.

The platform is coordinated from the Computational Biology Unit at the University of Bergen.

The infrastructure develops solutions for the analysis, storage, organisation or visualisation of biological and medical data (see Applications).

In particular, platform offers assistance and consulting services in bioinformatics to Norwegian researchers (see Help desk). Education in bioinformatics is another goal and the platform organises courses at the PhD and postdoctoral levels (see Training). All services are research-based, thus ensuring that state-of-the-art solutions will be used to solve problems and questions send to the help desk by Norwegian researchers.

The platform is supported by the ELIXIR.NO project granted by Research Council of Norway through its Infrastructure Program. An aim of the ELIXIR.NO project is to establish a Norwegian Node in the pan-European research infrastructure ELIXIR.  

The partners


uib logoThe Bergen subnode is based at the Computational Biology Unit. CBU is a research focused centre and provides bioinformatics services (see the CBU service group web page).

Leader of Node in Bergen and project leader for ELIXIR.NO: Inge Jonassen.


uio logoThe subnode in Oslo is organised through a group of bioinformaticians located at Radiumhospitalet, Oslo University Hospital and at the Department of informatics, University of Oslo. 

Subnode leader: Eivind Hovig.


ntnu logoThe Trondheim subnode of ELIXIR-Norway is shared by Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Natural Sciences and Technology.  (look here for more)

Subnode leader: Finn Drabløs.


uit logoThe subnode in Tromsø is organised through the Norwegian Structural Biology Center (NorStruct). NorStruct is a national service and competence centre in structural biology.

Subnode leader: Nils-Peder Willassen


umb logoThe subnode at Ås is organised through the Centre for Integrative Genetics (CIGENE) at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences at campus Aas 30 km southeast of Oslo.

Subnode leader: Dag Inge Vaage


ELIXIR.NO is a project supported by the Research Council of Norway aimed to build a Norwegian Bioinformatics research infrastructure and to establish a Norwegian ELIXIR Node.

ELIXIR is a pan-European research infrastructure - read more at www.elixir-europe.org


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