J-Express Microarray Analysis Course in Oslo, November 22nd-24th 2010

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This is a course at the second level of NMC's course series. Participants should have attended a course at the introductory level or have equivalent background knowledge on microarray technology.


We intend to focus on practicals in this course, main topics to be covered are:

  • Working with J-Express functionality
  • Groups
  • Sub datasets
  • Use different analysis modules in sequence to investigate different parts of the data
  • Experimental design including practical task
  • Differential expression
  • SAM/t-test/Rank Product
  • Gene Set Analysis
  • Explorative methods (PCA / CA / clustering)


 Course fee:

900 NOK. Please submit your billing adress under the "Contact adress" field when registering for the course.


The Reasearch building (Forskningsbygget) at the Norwegian Radium Hospital in Oslo, Seminar room 2. There will be signs directing you to the correct room.


  • NMC's 3-day Introduction to microarrays course, or equivalent background knowledge on microarray technology.
  • Your own laptop (that you bring to the course) with J-express installed and license added and working a week before the course starts (mandatory for access to the course). Minimun 2 GB of RAM installed on laptop.  More installation details  can be found here.


Oslo Universitetsykehus HF/UiO Microarray Core Facility (NMC-Oslo)

Contact Person(s)

Solveig Mjelstad Olafsrud

e-mail: solveig@microarray.no, phone: +47 2278 1753

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Course Start
Nov. 22, 2010 9:00 am
Course End
Nov. 24, 2010 4:00 pm
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