J-Express microarray analysis course 22nd-24th november

Here you will find important information regarding the prerequisites for the course, and also the files needed for the course. In addition you will find the exercises and lecture handouts here.

Installing J-Express on your laptop

In this course you will need to bring your own laptop with the J-Express software installed to use for the exercises during the course.  Instructions on how to install J-Express and test that it's running properly can be found here.



Here is the program for the course. Note that timepoints are tentative.



  • Transportation

The Research building/Forskningsbygget is situated next to the Radium Hospital at Montebello in Oslo, and is easy accessed by public transporttion with Metro line 6 Jar/Åsjordet to the stop "Montebello", and buses 23 Lysaker, 28 Fornebu and 42 Kolsås to the "Montebelloveien" stop. Map with essential places marked can be found here.


  • Lunch

Bring your own lunch, or buy it in the cafeteria at Forskningsbygget. NB: The cafeteria only accepts payment by card (VISA, BankAxept) and no cash.


Files needed for the course


Print outs for lectures (print yourself if you want one)

Lecture 1: Technology introduction

Lecture2: Microarray pipeline and pre-processing

Lecture 3: Introduction of course dataset

Lecture 4: Basics and fundamentals of J-Express

Lecture 5: Experimental design

Lecture 6: Explorative approaches

Lecture 7: Differential expression

Lecture 8: Gene ontology overrepresentation analysis (GO)

Lecture 9: Gene ser enrichment analysis (GSEA)

Lecture 10: From raw data to publication (will be handed out at the course)


Hand outs for expercises (will be provided at the course)

Exercise 1: Basics

Exercise 2: Fundamentals

Exrecise 3: Explorative approaches

Exercise 4: Differential expression

Exercise 5: Gene ontology overrepresentation analysis

Exercise 6: Gene set enrichment analysis